Joseph Swan Vineyards As we start our 21st year it occurs to us that despite the youthful appearance of our membership (it must be the wine) some of our members have children of legal drinking age. We are therefore reaching out to our members with children, grandchildren, or nieces/nephews of age to bring them to a dinner this year and are offering $11.50 per person ($21 per couple, get it?) to a dinner.

Our first dinner of the year will be March 19th at Aqua e Farina in Hayward. Chef Roberto Marquez has put together a great menu to go with the great wines of Joseph Swan Vineyards with winery owners and winemakers Rod and Lynn Berglund as our speakers. This is not the first time we have had Joseph Swan as our featured winery. But it's okay if you don't remember that they were the featured winery at our June 1996 dinner.
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